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Why can't I see videos properly, or get a black screen after the adverts have played back?

This may be due to the version of Adobe Flash you have installed on your system. We recommend installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 10
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We also recommend 'clearing the cache' on your internet browser which forces it to use the very latest version of our page content. We update the Video Interface from time to time to improve performance and so doing this should improve your video playback experience.

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Can I watch any tests live?

Yes. Click on the ‘watch now’ button to see a live stream from Burghley, however due to rights restrictions not all of the coverage can be streamed live. All of the Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping rounds from all competing riders will be uploaded to the Burghley TV VOD library and will be available from Monday 5th September. All of these videos will stay up on the site until the end of September free to view.

How do I log in to view videos?

You do not need to register to be to able to view videos. Simply click on the 'Watch Now' link near the top of the page and you will be directed to the video page.

Where can I find results?

Please go to for all trials' results